If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… it’s probably art


They’ve been waiting to be hatched and make their way out into the world.
And last Tuesday, the Ducks On Parade had their “Hatching Party” to show the world their new colors.
Artists and sponsors gathered at Ray’s CarStar Autobody on Terryville Avenue to meet the large fiberglass ducks, and all of their newfound colorful artistic glory.
“We’re really excited about these being all over the member towns,” said Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce president Michael Nicastro said at last week’s “Hatching Party.”
The chamber led the effort for this public art project in which area artists were given the chance to decorate a variety of different size duck statues. The painted fiberglass ducks will be distributed to locations throughout the chamber’s region—Bristol, Plymouth, Burlington, Farmington, Wolcott, and Plainville.
David Merchant of Ray’s CarStar Autobody, which hosted the ducks until the hatching, said, “This was a fun project to be involved with… We had a good time with it.”
Besides hosting the ducks, Merchant’s business also sponsored one of the ducks.
Alisa DellaBianco, a student at Central Connecticut State University who is getting certified to become an art teacher for when she graduates in December, handled the task of creating the duck for Ray’s CarStar Autobody.
Dellabianco, who was watching people admire her work, said that when she began to paint her duck, she took into account who her sponsor was.
“Since (Merchant) owns an auto body shop, he wanted to do something with cars,” said DellaBianco as she spoke about artistic inspiration. “So (with this duck), we had the aviator goggles with the old aviator helmet and the old 1940s Chevy, which is the front grill (painted on the chest). He likes Chevys. In the back, I painted a Camaro because he has an orange Camaro.”
“We incorporated all the things that are similar to cars,” continued Dellabianco. “For example, the flames (on its body) and on the feet I painted tread marks. The legs have motorcycle boots and (on the duck’s side, there’s a sign for) Route 72 for Bristol and he’s on Route 72. And in his mouth, he has teeth and these mean eyes. Underneath, I painted the road.”
And with it completed, what did Dellabianco think of her work.
“I like it,” said Dellabianco. “He really loved it.”
Asked what she liked about the opportunity to paint the duck, Dellabianco said, “I loved it. I love to paint anyway. I put in over 50 hours in painting it.”
Also she enjoyed watching people check out her work at the hatching party and couldn’t wait to see the response when it was on display in the front office of Ray’s CARSTAR Auto Body. “I love to see people admire my art and find joy in something I find a lot of joy from.”
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