Pay As You Go transfer rates to have Sept. 20 hearing


The Bristol Public Works Department released the following information:

“There is a Public Hearing being held on 9/20/12 @ 5:30 for rate setting for the “Pay As You Throw” Residential Transfer Station Program.

Transfer Station Proposed PAYT Rate Structure

I.  Residential User Fees


  • No charge for Antifreeze, Leaves, Oil, Fluorescent Bulbs, Electronics and Metal.  If chargeable items are mixed with non-chargeable material – the load will be chargeable.
  • The first 200 lbs free for the 1st visit each day.
  • $0.45/10 lbs for all others.




EXAMPLE:     Mr. Smith visits the Transfer Station 2 times in one day:


First visit:

King Size bed with mattress and box spring – total weight = 400 pounds.  First 200 lbs free, chargeable amount is 200 pounds.  200 pounds @ $.45/10 lbs = $9.00


Second visit:

Arm Chair – total weight = 100 lbs.  Chargeable amount is 100 lbs @ $.45/10 lbs = $4.50