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Orange You Glad You’re Healthy?


Dear Editor:


Awareness and Prevention


On Friday, October 5th you might see many people walking around with a large clown nose – but they are not clowning around. They are supporting “Orange  Nose Day” –a national initiative to bring attention  to five important health messages that are simple steps to good health.


Step 1:WashHands

Step 2: Get Immunized

Step 3: Eat Colorful Foods

Step 4: Exercise

Step 5: Avoid Body Fluids


By spreading the word and participating in taking these simple steps, not only will it help you and your family in disease prevention, but also the health of our community.



You can obtain more information about this national initiative by going on:





Catherine Plourde

BristolSchoolReadiness Council andBristolEarly Childhood Alliance Health Committee Chairperson



Mary-Alice Petrucelli-Timek

School Readiness Grant Manager