City taking precautions in preparation for Hurricane Sandy

Bristol Mayor Art Ward made the following announcement at 1015 a.m. on Oct. 25…

All departments have been alerted and directed to review procedures, inspect and test all equipment and ensure our readiness in the event of the need.
Additionally, I have scheduled a planning meeting for 11:00 tomorrow morning, with all essential departments, in the Bristol Police Department training facility – located on the second floor of Police Headquarters, in order to address and provide adequate preparation for the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy on the City of Bristol.
Departments are to include but are not limited to:

Emergency Management
Public Works
Water Department
Board of Education
Park Department
Building Department
Bristol/Burlington Health Department
Park Department
Bristol Senior Center
Bristol Hospital
CL and P
First Student Transportation

I would also like to take this opportunity to request that the press notify the public of the use of Chippens Hill Middle School as the designated shelter if the need arises.

Mayor Art Ward