Election Day Info

City of Bristol Polling Places are:
City Council District 1: 77A Edgewood School, 345 Mix St.; 77B Northeast School, 530 Stevens St.; 77C Mountainview School, 71 Vera Rd.
City Council District 2: 78A Chippens Hill Middle School, 551 Peacedale St.; 78B Bristol Polish Americans Citizens Club, 541 North Main St.; 79A South Side School, 21 Tuttle Rd.
City Council District 3: 79B American Legion, 22 Hooker Ct.; 79C Greene-Hills School, 718 Pine St.; 77D Stafford School, 212 Louisiana Ave.

President: Democrat President Barack Obama; Republican Governor Mitt Romney.
Vice President: Democrat Vice President Joe Biden; Republican Congressman Paul Ryan.
United States Senate: Democrat United States Senator Chris Murphy; Republican Linda McMahon.
Connecticut State Senate District 31: Democrat Dave Roche; Republican State Senator Jason Welch.
General Assembly District 79: Democrat State Representative Frank Nicastro; Republican Mary Alford.
General Assembly District 77: Democrat State Representative Chris Wright; Republican Jill Fitzgerald.
General Assembly District 78: Democrat Daniel Santorso; Republican State Representative Whit Betts.
Bristol Registrar of Voters: Republican Registrar of Voter Sharon Krawiecki; Republican Registrar of Voter Mary Rydingsward; People Party Registrar of Voter candidate Ajmal Mehdi.