Incumbents rule across city

On Election Day, Whit Betts, third from the left, the Republican incumbent in the state House 78th district, and Jason Welch, far left, incumbent state senator in the 31st distrct, were found campaigning outside Chippens Hill Middle School. Both won re-election.

Last week’s election ended with the entire slate of area incumbents surpassing their challengers as 70 percent of Bristol’s 34,791 eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots.
The race for the District 31 state senate seat was a close one. Republican incumbent State Senator Jason Welch received fewer votes than Democratic challenger Dave Roche in Bristol. However, district-wide, which includes Plainville, Harwinton, Plymouth and Thomaston, Welch won with 20,506 votes.
“I am humbled and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve again,” Welch said in an email.
In the 77th General Assembly district, Democrat State Representative Chris Wright won another term, after receiving 5,818 votes. His opponent, Republican Jill Fitzgerald received 4,143 votes in the district.
Republican State Representative Whit Betts also gained another term, coming in on top with 5,908 votes.
“Earning the support of so many people from the 78th district to serve a second term as their state representative means a lot to me personally,” Betts said in an email, adding that he and Welch, who has been his legislative partner on many issues this past term, “will continue to work closely together the governor, state legislature, and local officials to bring jobs and businesses to Plymouth and Terryville.” He also said he will continue to hold town hall meetings to keep residents “informed of pending proposals before the General Assembly,” and continue to listen to the opinions of his constituents so he can “better represent them” in Hartford.
Betts had two other opponents, Democrat Daniel Santorso who received 3,582 votes, and George Langer, who ran under the Working Families Party, who received 360 votes.
In the 79th General Assembly district, Republican State Representative Frank Nicastro also won another term, pulling in 5,268 votes compared to his opponent, Republican Mary Alford, who received 2,640.
It was an election year for United States Congress as well, and Democrat John Larson will continue to represent the state’s first district.
On Larson’s win, Governor Dannel Malloy said “John Larson is a great champion for working people in the 1st Congressional District, and our entire state will benefit from his continued service.  I want to congratulate him on being elected to a eighth term in the House of Representatives, and look forward to working with him to ensure that Connecticut gets its fair share from Washington.”
Larson received 14,870 votes district-wide, and ran against Republican John Henry Decker, and third party candidates S. Michael DeRosa, and Matthew M. Corey. Decker received 7,056 votes from the district, while DeRosa received 475 and Corey received 142.
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden were elected for another term, and also received the most votes from Bristol residents, with 14,146. His Republican opponents presidential candidate Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan received 10,004 votes. The majority party candidates also had a pair of third party candidates. Independent Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson and his vice presidential running mate Luis Rodriguez received 87 votes in Bristol. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his vice presidential running mate Jim Gray received 192 votes from Bristol.
For the state’s United States Senate seat, which had been held by independent Joseph Lieberman who opted to retire from his post, Democrat Chris Murphy won out over his Republican opponent Linda McMahon. Murphy received 12,092 votes in the City of Bristol, while McMahon came in with 10,620. Running for the Libertarian Party was Paul Passarelli, who received 395 votes from Bristol voters.
The city’s Registrar of Voters also was on the ballot this election, and both Republican Registrar Sharon Krawiecki and Democrat Mary Rydingsward were voted in for another term. Krawiecki received 9,645 votes, and Rydingsward received 11,403. There was a new name on the ballot under the “People Party” slate , Ajmal Mehdi. He received 806 votes in Bristol, and needed to come in either first or second in the number of votes to secure a spot in the registrar’s office.