Lamb of God takes ‘Resolution’ across the U.S… at last

Lamb of God is back on the road and coming to Connecticut.

Bassist John Campbell was home in Virginia when he picked up the phone for an advance interview for Lamb of God’s show on Nov. 23 at the Oakdale in Wallingford.
Campbell was calling from a motorcycle shop in Richmond, Va. as he filled in the time off the road. Time that also included a chance to connect with friends and family and living a “normal life.”
“I’m a very busy person,” said Campbell.
But, it’s clear talking to Campbell, that he feels Lamb of God has been off the road for too long.
The band’s most recent studio release “Resolution” was released on Jan. 12.
But Campbell noted the obvious. The band hasn’t had a proper U.S. tour since it was released.
It’s not for the lack of trying, however. But, Campbell said a “wrench was thrown in the works.”
That wrench was the arrest of the band’s lead singer Randy Blythe.
Assorted news reports explained Blythe was taken into custody in the Czech Republic back in July following a gig in Prague. Blythe was questioned about a 2010 altercation with a concertgoer who jumped on stage during a performance. Blythe has been accused of pushing the concertgoer back into the crowd, where he sustained fatal head injuries.
The band—which in addition to Blythe and Campbell includes Mark Morton on guitar, Will Adler on guitar, and Chris Adler on drums— has set up, in response, the Randy Legal Fund. According to Lamb of God’s Facebook page, “Blythe is back home in America after five weeks in prison in the Czech Republic, his legal problems are far from over. Manslaughter charges are still hanging over Blythe and at some point over the next few months he will have to return to Prague and stand trial. Faced with continuing massive legal bills, Lamb of God has decided to create an eBay auction of equipment and memorabilia to raise money for Randy’s legal bills.”
If all things were normal, Campbell said the band already would have finished touring Europe by now. Then they would have performed at all of the U.S. major markets. And by now, Lamb aof God would playing the secondary markets of America, which includes many of the places the group loves to play.
But Blythe’s arrest earlier this year forced the group to cancel its gigs up to this point.
When Lamb of God comes to Wallingford, Campbell said the band is prepared to give the fans a show.
They will hear Lamb of God perform many of the songs that they expect to hear, said Campbell. But also they will get to hear many of the newer songs from “Resolution” that had not had a chance to be aired on stage in the states yet. Additionally, Campbell said the band is bringing a stage show that offers more production firepower and a video element that will be cued live each night to “make it more dynamic.”
Part of the video element of this tour is a special tribute to the men and women who serve in the military. Lamb of God has been soliciting photographs of service men and women to be included in a special video created for this tour.
“We all appreciate people who are serving this nation,” said Campbell when asked why they decided to go forward with this particular project. Additionally, he explained, “I’ve got military in my family and the other members do as well.”
Campbell said Lamb of God also recognizes it has an appeal to service personnel. He said they often look out into the crowd and see the short haircuts of the military. “They are fans, too.”
At the time of the interview, Campbell said he had not seen the final result of the fans’ submissions. But the director had worked with the band previously on a DVD project.
When Lamb of God rolls into Connecticut, they will be accompanied by a couple of metal heavy weights and one relative newcomer to the states.
In Connecticut, Hellyeah is on board. Campbell said Hellyeah is a definite metal legacy, with lead vocalist Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbett coming from Mudvayne, and drummer Vinnie Paul coming from Pantera. In Flames “is huge.” And on half of the tour, Lamb of God is accompanied by Connecticut’s own Hatebreed, “who has been around as long as we have.”
British import Sylosis, which is fairly new on the American scene, is also on the bill.
Campbell said the pieces just fell into place for this tour. When the group was looking to pull together a tour, they took a look at who was ready to step out on the road as well.
And this collective came together.
Although “Resolution” came out nearly a year ago, Campbell said the band isn’t ready to think about a follow-up just yet. At least from a touring point of view, the album—which debuted at no. 3 on Billboard’s hot 200 and number 1 on the rock chart—has not yet worn out its welcome.
Lamb of God, In Flames, Hellyeah, and Sylosis play the Oakdale in Wallingford on Friday, Nov. 23 at 8 p.m.
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