City councilor seeks mayor’s seat in 2013

Republican City Councilor Ken Cockayne announced his run for mayor next year on Monday. Below is his press release. Look for a full story in next Friday’s paper.

“Today I am announcing that I am running for Mayor of Bristol in 2013.  I am asking for your support in this endeavor and feel I am the right person at the right time for this job.

I am the senior member of the Council and have spent the last five years fighting for change and fighting for you, the taxpayers of Bristol.  We are on the precipice of significant change and new leadership for Bristol.  In the last local election, the people of Bristol spoke and elected leaders to fight for them.  Leaders, who are truly, fiscally conservative, who understand that voters are not ATMs.  The sitting Mayor controls the agenda, so while the voters spoke, loudly and clearly, there is one more crucial step.  We need a mayor that will listen to the people of Bristol and set an agenda that puts their interests first. We need a true leader to drive the change that must occur and I believe I am that type of leader.

I believe I am the right person at the right time for Bristol.  These will be challenging times.  We need someone who can lead from the front.  I have spent the last five years doing just this.  I have never hid from an issue or avoided one.  I have worked steadfastly for the people of Bristol, even when it met that I stood alone. When we needed change in leadership with our Police Department, I was the only elected official willing to attach his name when asking for this change.  When our community was in danger of having no say in group homes for troubled adolescents moving into established residential neighborhoods, I stepped up immediately to fight.   We wanted a voice for Bristol, and I was that voice that brought this practice to light.  At times I have been the lone voice of dissent when voting on contracts, for I refused to be a part of a rubber stamp council.  I was voice for the West End, an often overlooked section of our community, and called for increased police presence and was an advocate for the formation of the West End Association.

I believe that I am not only a person who leads from the front, but also the person with the right experience to do the job well.  In the last five years, I have served on 21 separate boards, including the Bristol Development Authority, the Bristol Downtown Development Corporation, the Board of Public Works and the Salary Committee.  I have fought the tough battles and have an intimate understanding of our municipal government.

These last five years have been arduous, but the foundation is in place. The current City Council is ready to work for responsible change to benefit you, the taxpayer. The next step is to put a person in the Mayor’s Office who will set an agenda to facilitate this change.  With my willingness to take on challenges and embrace the fights that need to occur, coupled with my experience as your senior councilman, I believe I am the right person at the right time. I humbly ask for your support.

Thank you!

Ken Cockayne”