Accuweather says expect a warm-up

State College, Pa. — 3 December 2012 — reports surging temperatures over the Mississippi Valley from this weekend will continue to spread through much of the East through Tuesday.

The warmth will make skiers and snowmobilers antsy, but will give those on tight budget a little break with their heating bill.

During Monday temperatures were soaring into the 60s, 70s and 80s over a large part of the Central states.

That air was already filtering into the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, but will reach into part of New England Tuesday.

Highs will be in the 70s over much of the Southeast, the 60s and lower 70s in the mid-Atlantic and will reach the 50s and 60s in central and southern New England Tuesday.

The chill will linger over northern New England and the Maritimes.

Where the wind diminishes Monday night in the valleys of the Appalachians and in portions of the East Coast, there is the potential for locally dense fog and travel delays Tuesday morning.

The visibility dipped to one-eighth of a mile during morning rush hour around Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday morning. The same conditions may be present farther to the east Tuesday morning in the I-95 corridor.

The warmth is surging ahead of a cold front gathering momentum over the Plains to start the week.

Showers and stray thunder will spread eastward Tuesday over the eastern Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and the lower Mississippi Valley.

The showers will reach new England and the mid-Atlantic later Tuesday night into Wednesday, and then the southeast during the day Wednesday.

In the wake of the front, temperatures will be shaved by 15 to 30 degrees in some of the Northern states, but only a handful of degrees across the South.

The front is not quite as strong as the front which rolled through during week four of November.

Indications are more traditional December conditions will begin to kick into gear for part of the nation during the middle of the month. Until then, however, big temperature swings are likely to continue.

By Alex Sosnowski, Meteorologist for