Bristol CERT offering emergency preparedness classes

The Observer received the following press release of interest to the general public.
Bristol’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a volunteer non-profit organization that assists our city’s first responders as well as assists at various events such as the Mum Festival and Pop Up Piazza Festival, educates the public at events such as the Bristol Home Show, Pumpkin Festival, Safety Fairs, and other locations. We are offering a free emergency preparedness class starting Feb 7th in the evening. It will run 7 weeks from 6:30pm-9:30pm and cover a range of topics. It is open to those looking to join CERT, CTSART (CT State Animal Response Team), for which this 20 hour class is required, and it also is open to the general public for those who would like to be better prepared to take care of their family, friends, and neighbors in the event of a crisis. The class size is limited to 25 people so please contact as ASAP if interested. Those who complete the class get a certificate as well as a book bag sized go-pack containing some emergency supplies. Those interested can send an email to or visit and

for more information about CERT. Topics covered in the class:

Unit 1 – Disaster Preparedness
Unit 2 – Fire Safety and Utility Controls
Unit 3 – Disaster Medical Operations – part 1
Unit 4 – Disaster Medical Operations – part 2
Unit 5 – Light Search and Rescue Operations
Unit 6 – CERT Organization
Unit 7 – Disaster Psychology
Unit 8 – Terrorism and CERT