Ward asks legislators to oppose cuts to municipal aid

Mayor Art Ward forwarded this letter he sent to state legislators regarding the budget….
Gentlemen, on behalf of the citizens of the City of Bristol, CT, I am writing to urge you to oppose any cuts to municipal aid in the upcoming budget process.
Local governments, such as Bristol, have been dealing with the onus of trying to balance our municipal budgets while providing only the barest of essential services for our communities for the past (5) five years and have no room for further cuts without a serious cost to the services delivered to our citizens and your constituents.
I have consistently suggested over these past (5) five years that the legislature consider alleviating some of the financial burden on both the legislature and the municipalities through implementation of the elimination and/or suspension of the UNFUNDED MANDATE RELIEF initiative.
I believe that it is abundantly apparent that the economic state of affairs of our community, state and nation dictate that our full attention be focused on UNFUNDED MANDATE RELIEF for the preservation and security of the municipal infrastructure and the people of our cities and towns.
Thank you for your consideration,

Mayor Arthur J. Ward
Bristol, CT