BCO to meet with legislators to discuss ‘new poor’

Tom Morrow, Executive Director of Bristol Community Organization, Inc. has invited legislative leaders from the Greater Bristol Area to attend a breakfast meeting on Friday, Feb. 1.

Invited guests include:  State Senators Jason Welch, Terry Gerratana and Beth Bye and State Representatives Whit Betts, Chris Wright, Frank Nicastro, Betty Boukas, Mike Dimecco, and John Piscopo.  The legislators represent the five towns served by BCO: Bristol, Burlington, Farmington, Plainville and Plymouth.

The Board of Directors and Tom Morrow will lead a discussion about the status of local residents who live in poverty.  The Connecticut Association for Community Action (CAFCA) recently produced a report, “Meeting the Challenge: The Dynamics of Poverty in Connecticut.”  The report was developed through  a research team led by Dr. Fred Carstensen, Director, CT Center for Economic Analysis and Jill Coghlan, Senior Analyst, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis.

 Based on 2010 U.S. Census results, Connecticut’s population grew by 8%, while the number of Connecticut residents living below the Federal Poverty Line grew by 45%.  The number of residents who are 65 and older increased by 12%.


A press release from the BCO said as Connecticut’s population ages, as more and more working families are falling below the Federal Poverty Line, and as state and federal budgets are facing cuts, BCO and area legislators will be discussing policies and programs that will alleviate the effects of the economy on the “new poor.”