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Trash collection update

February 14, 2013

The city Public Works Department issued the following statement late yesterday.

Bristol remains in a state of emergency. The emergency parking ban remains in effect.

Residents are encouraged to hold their rubbish over to the next collection if possible.

Public Works will collect rubbish and recycle on the following schedule:

Tuesday rubbish and recycle will be collected on Thursday 2/14/13

Wednesday rubbish and recycle will be collected on Friday 2/15/13

Thursday rubbish and recycle will be collected on Saturday 2/16/13

Friday rubbish and recycle will be collected on Sunday 2/17/13

Please have barrels at the street by 6:00 AM. Please do not place rubbish or recycle barrels on or behind snow banks or in the street where they would block or inhibit roadway traffic. Our automated collection trucks can not lift barrels unless they are located on a level, accessible location.

Due to the unique nature of this service schedule change, please share this information with as many of your neighbors and fellow residents as possible to help us get the word out.

Public Works appreciates your patience and cooperation as we work to create safe passage and provide services on Bristol’s streets.



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