Police arrest wanted Bristol man

Bristol police arrested a man on Monday who was wanted by the Fugitive Unit of the Waterbury Parole Office for violating his parole. Bristol K-9 Officer Timothy O’Brien observed Adam Nieves, 28, of 55 Stearns St., walking into his home Monday evening, a little after 9 p.m. An arrest warrant had been issued last June for Nieves, charging him with violation of parole and the warrant gave authorization to extradite from anywhere in the United States, if need be, a press release said.
Officer O’Brien and other officers surrounded the residence, and then entered the home to begin a search for Nieves. A police dog was used to help locate Nieves, and officers later found him on the roof of the home.
Nieves came down from the roof and was taken into custody, the release said.
The Fugitive Unit of the Waterbury Parole Office sent a “Remand to Custody Order” to the Bristol Police, the release said, and Nieves was held in custody until officers from the Fugitive Unit could respond and execute the warrant.