Rep Wright: Survey says constituents want to limit assault weapons

Respondents to an ongoing survey conducted by State Representative Christopher Wright (D-77th District) say they support gun control measures that are being debated in the General Assembly, a news release from Wright’s office announced.

In his survey, the release explained, Wright asked constituents what was their opinion on limiting assault weapons, limiting large capacity ammunition clips and on better background checks for gun permits.

On limiting assault weapons, 65.7% voted yes, 34.3% voted no.

On limiting large capacity ammunition clips, 69.1% voted yes, 30.9% voted no.

On providing better background checks for gun permits, 85.9% voted yes and 14.1% voted no.

In his news statement, Wright pointed out the survey is ongoing and that constituents are continuing to respond and that further results on these and other issues will be released in a timely fashion. To access the survey e-mail

“I want to thank residents for responding to the survey and for their suggestions and ideas concerning issues of concern,” Wright said in the release. “It’s important to me to represent the interests of the people in the 77th Assembly District and I will consider your responses when we vote during the current legislative session.”