Registrars ask for help during voter canvass in April, May

The Registrars of Voters are mailing an extraordinarily large volume of notices and the department needs your help. If you receive mail for anyone who does not live at your household, please mark it “return to sender, does not live here” and place it in your mail box. These notices are part of the annual canvass of voters.

The annual canvass of voters is required by state statute to maintain an up-to-date voter registry. Since city and state representatives serve a geographic area, citizens must “vote where they live” to ensure they are casting votes for candidates who will represent them. This year more than 3,400 of Bristol’s registered voters will receive a canvass notice during April and May.  

One-thousand-one-hundred voters will receive a canvass notice requesting they confirm their new address in Bristol or confirm they have moved out of town. Change of address information received from the Post Office is compared to the voter list to generate these “change of address” notices.

Additionally, 2,300 notices are being sent to voters who have had no activity since January 1, 2008. These registered voters also will receive a notice requesting they confirm their address. 

For more information about the annual canvass, visit and select Departments, Registrar of Voters.