Pequabuck River clean-up set for April 27

The Pequabuck River clean up will be held April 27 in Forestville.

The Pequabuck River clean up will be held April 27 in Forestville.

The Pequabuck River Watershed Association (PRWA) will conduct a river cleanup with the help of dozens of volunteers on Saturday, April 27 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

“The Pequabuck River Watershed Association is dedicated to protecting the PequabuckRiver because a healthy community starts with a healthy river. Our volunteers are excited to pitch in because a cleaner river is a healthier community,” said Carl Swanson, president of PRWA in a press release. Cleanup will take place along the Pequabuck from Plymouth and Terryville through Bristol, Forestville, and into Plainville.

The Pequabuck River Watershed Association’s cleanup is co-sponsored by Moran Environmental Recovery, Rivers Alliance, Nuchie’s Restaurant, and Covanta Energy, owner and operator of the local trash to energy plant. “It is exciting to note that the trash collected during our river cleanup will become electricity for our local community,” said Swanson.

The cleanup will focus on “depository” areas of the river such as the Forestville bend, just below the Broad Street pump house. “The cleanup will help showcase the River when people assemble in Forestville for the Duck Race Sunday, May 5. The PequabuckRiver is a vital resource, integral to the health of Bristol’s eco-system. The river benefits citizens with recreational opportunities and benefits businesses with access to free water.  We’ve got to take every opportunity we can to protect it, for ourselves and for future generations”, said Swanson, in the press release from PRWA.

To volunteer, simply show up in Nuchie’s parking lot, 164 Central St. between 8 to 8:15 a.m. You will see PRWA signs indicating the meeting location. Volunteers will receive a Community Service certificate.

For more information contact Mary Rydingsward at or (860) 670-4761, or on Facebook: Pequabuck River Watershed Association.