Man arrested for attempted pick up of toddler

A 50-year-old man was arrested last Friday after police said he grabbed a 3-year-old child away from his mother while they were walking down the street.
Police said a woman was walking on Prospect Street with her two children when John Brasseur approached the mother and asked her “what she was doing with his baby.”
The release said Brasseur grabbed the 3-year-old by the arm, pulled him and started to walk away from the mother with the child. The mother ran after him and took her son back and walked away from the area with her children. She said Brasseur followed her for a short time and then went his separate way.
Several residents in the area identified the male in the incident as Brasseur and police discovered he was a “supervised person out of the Waterbury Parole Office.” Brasseur was later found by Wolcott police, and was arrested and charged with risk of injury to a minor, second degree unlawful restraint and second degree breach of peace. He was held on a $25,000 bond and was also issued a remand to custody by the Waterbury Parole Office.