Forestville flies its colors

There were American flags all over Forestville center as the community lined up on the streets to watch the marching bands,  politicians, scouts, Little League teams, and dancers march in honor of Memorial Day on Monday.

Here are some images of the afternoon’s events:MEM_2337 MEM_2357 MEM_2378 MEM_2398 MEM_2438 MEM_2450 MEM_2481 MEM_2502 MEM_2518 MEM_2533 MEM_2621 MEM_2634 MEM_2645 MEM_2650 MEM_2673 MEM_2678 MEM_2693 MEM_2713 MEM_2735 MEM_2756 MEM_2792 MEM_2802 MEM_2901 MEM_2950 MEM_2970 MEM_3022 MEM_3059 MEM_3084 MEM_3155 MEM_3173