Legislators urge voters sign petition on gas tax

Senator Jason Welch (R-Bristol) and Representative Whit Betts (R-Bristol) along with Republican legislators from across the state gathered signatures for a petition to fight increases in the state gas tax and diesel fuel tax scheduled for July 1. Motorists can sign an online petition by visiting www.AxeTheGasTaxCT.com.

“What was overwhelmingly clear is that people are mad,” said Betts in a press release. “They are fed up and frustrated with having to see their tax dollars being used to cover overspending by a bloated state government.”

 “These tax hikes are killing our economy and hurting Connecticut families and businesses. We can fight this tax hike and send a message to the administration that enough is enough.  Shared sacrifice should not have to come at the expense of families who already pay a hefty price to live in Connecticut,” said Welch in a press release.

The release from Welch and Betts said the gas tax in Connecticut currently is about 22 cents higher than in neighboring states like Massachusetts and the July 1 gas tax hike would raise prices at the pump another 4 cents per gallon.

Legislative Republicans offered plans this legislative session in committee and in both the State Senate and State House of Representatives to eliminate the tax hike and they proposed several options to replace the lost revenue. None of which were accepted by the majority party, said the release.

The Bristol petition drive took place at the Citgo Mini Mart on Route 6. During the course of two hours the lawmakers collected nearly 100 signatures from motorists. As of Tuesday, more than 12,000 people statewide had signed the online petition. The next step is to present the petition to the Governor in the hopes public pressure will enable him to call lawmakers back to Hartford for a special vote to repeal the tax hike.