Bare Bones offers children’s art classes

Bare Bones is offering a six-week progressive series of art lessons with Tiffany Hoxie of Clover Education Consulting. Tiffany has led some unique classes with local children at Bare Bones already and is excited to bring her years of summer camp and youth instructional experience to Bare Bones.

This course is appropriate for ages 6 to12 and a guardian must be present for each child or group of children. (This can be a parent, family friend, older family member, etc.)

Classes were held Fridays, 6 to 8 p.m. throughout the summer. Certain lessons will feature a progressive plan. Children can participate on a walk-in basis as well.

Cost for each lesson is $10 or you may enroll for all 6 for $50. Pre-registration is available online at the A minimum of 10 students is needed to make this class viable for the instructor and space.

Additional children in the same family will be $30 for entire session or $6 for walk-in. Please note when paying online how many lessons your children plan to participate in. (For example, purchasing for six weeks, buy five tickets and indicate in notes.

You may also make checks payable to Bare Bones, PO Box 2641, Bristol, CT06011.

All materials and snacks provided by instructor.



Friday, July 5: “Tell a Tale with a Mask”

Choose a story (provided) and pick favorite character to make a mask. Group will put on a play.

Friday, July 12: Watercolor Art (two weeks)

Paint 8” x 11” with watercolors. Dry. Paint wood trivet. Dry. Cut paper into triangles. Paste onto thin wooden square.

Friday, July 26: Watercolor Art Part 2 and Cityscape Chalk Art

Trace city stencil with chalk. Add detail with new, learned techniques

Friday, Aug. 9: Coffee Filter Art

Using three techniques, children will tie die coffee filters.Then they will create a chandelier.

Friday, Aug. 16: Stamp and Marble Painting

Tape paper inside tray, put paint on paper, tip marbles side to side. Put foam stickers on cans. Roll in paint. Roll on paper to stamp.

Friday, Aug. 23: Fuse Beads and Noodle Jewelry

Two options: Fuse Bead table. Staff will iron. Or yse variety of colored pasta to make jewelry.

For more information, contact