Crowdsourcing to be used to determine restaurant’s direction

Mike’s Tortoise & Hare Café is turning to crowdsourcing to help rebrand the North Main Street eatery.
The restaurant’s owner Mike Clawson would like to rebrand the restaurant, which is operating in a location that has housed a restaurant since the 1940s, to emphasize his affinity for Southern-style cooking.
In a press release, Clawson said that after he bought the business in 2010 he learned about some of the negative stigma attached to the restaurant in its previous incarnations. Additionally, he said the name doesn’t reflect the restaurant’s menu.
“We need a refresh,” said Clawson in the release, issued from Bristol Rising.
Clawson is now turning to Bristol Rising for some crowdsourcing to help rebrand Mike’s Tortoise & Hare Café.
“Nothing about the place now says Southern style,” Clawson said in the press release. “It’s time to change that, and I’m excited to hear Bristol Rising’s ideas, and combine them with some of my own.”
To begin the process, a meetup has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 16 at the restaurant on North Main. Attendees of the meetup are asked to buy from the menu, familiarize themselves with the restaurant as it now exists, and listen to a pitch from Clawson.
The idea is that those in attendance will offer suggestions regarding brand identity, menu suggestions, decor suggestions, event suggestions, and name and/or tag line suggestions.
“The crowd is excited to help,” said Mark Walerysiak Jr, community liaison for Bristol Rising, in a press release from the group. “We’re beginning to formalize plans to help existing and startup businesses reach higher levels downtown, and this is a great debut opportunity for the community to help shape an actual business from the ground up that they could enjoy for years.”
Seating is limited to 30.
RSVPs will be collected on the event’s page: “July 16: Redefining Mike’s Tortoise Meetup” on, under the events tab.