Take a class in ‘Grocery Shopping 101’ next Monday

The Parent and Child Center at Bristol Hospital is offering a “Grocery Shopping 101” class for families. This guided supermarket tour will include information about how to shop for tasty and nutritious meals while also saving money. Participants will get to practice key food shopping skills like selecting food with high nutritional content, avoiding highly processed foods and planning meals with foods that can be used in multiple weeknight recipes. Participants will discuss cooking larger quantities to allow leftovers, choosing healthy fats (versus unhealthy), when to buy in bulk, when to buy fresh versus frozen, and conventionally grown versus organic.
The class runs from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, July 8 at ShopRite of Bristol, 1200 Farmington Ave., Bristol. The fee is $20/person. Pre-registration is required, and space is limited.
To register, call the Parent and Child Center at (860) 585-3481.