The fans asked, ‘Real Housewife’ Caroline Manzo answered

Caroline Manzo of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” said she always gets questions from her fans.
Certain questions would arise over and over again.
And those questions… and the resulting answers from the reality TV personality… have been pulled together for a book, “Let Me Tell You Something.”
Manzo was set to be in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville on July 12 to sign copies of the book and have a meet and greet with fans.
Manzo, in a phone interview, said viewers would ask her about a variety of topics. They would ask how she was able to stay true to herself while being on a reality television show like “Real Housewives…” They also would ask about how to be a successful business woman, how to have a happy marriage, how to raise three successful, happy children, and so on.
Given all the questions she would get from fans, Manzo said some people said she should write an advice book to provide her fans with the answers they were looking for.
But Manzo said she felt kind of foolish writing an advice book. After all, she’s not a doctor or a credentialed expert.
However, Manzo finally gave in to writing the book. But she opted to do it her way.
Rather than giving answers to the questions like a Dr. Phil or someone of similar ilk, she decided to provide anecdotes about how she personally approached situations that reflected her fan’s question.
“This is how I did it,” said Manzo of her approach, “if it works for you, cool.”
So, within the book, she said she shares some “silly stories” to answer some questions. She also shares more serious tales about her marriage that reflect those questions. She even tackles tougher topics, going deep by sharing stories about her miscarriages.
Additionally, the book responds to other queries from fans. For instance, Manzo said there are a handful of recipes that were requested. Manzo also shares some behind-the scenes-information “Real Housewives of New Jersey” She let’s viewers know what was really happening during some of the more unforgettable moments on the show.
“It’s a very easy read,” said Manzo, who described “Let Me Tell You Something” as an “airport/ beach” book. If you have three hours to set aside, she said, you can easily finish “Let Me Tell You Something.”
Asked about the task of writing the book, Manzo said it was a “very enjoyable” process.
Manzo explained she is an avid reader, and typically will read a 500 page book in an evening. “That’s my night, that’s my passion,” said Manzo.
But when the time came to work on the book, Manzo said she switched out her evenings of reading for evenings of writing.
Manzo and her writing partner Kevin Dickson would spend their evening Skype-ing to work on the book. She would write a passage and Dickson then would help clean it up.
The only challenge in pulling together the book was deciding what anecdotes to share, Manzo said.
“The stories were a lot of fun,” said Manzo. “(Dickson) and I had a lot of laughs… I had a good time with it.”
As for feedback about the book, Manzo said fans have been overwhelmingly positive with their praise. Many of them said they could relate to her stories. They also said told her they loved her sense of humor, which was something they didn’t expect from watching the show.
Manzo is used to having her personal life made public because of “Real Housewives…” But she said the book was a different, better experience than the television series. “It’s my voice.” She felt great about sharing her stories to the public straight from her own mouth.
The signing event at Mohegan Sun where she gets to meet the public is not something new for Manzo. But it’s an opportunity she relishes. “It’s insane… (But) it’s something I still enjoy.”
However, Manzo said she still isn’t used to the notoriety brought to her family by the show. “It’s surreal.”
Manzo shared a story about a trip she and her family took to Italy after the first season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” wrapped up. She said the family figured they would slip into the scenery of Europe and go unnoticed.
Not so.
“My son were chased down the piazza (in Italy) by a bunch of college girls,” said Manzo. She thought to herself, “What is this, the Jonas Brothers?”
One of the reasons why “Real Housewives of New Jersey” succeeds is “people can relate to us,” said Manzo. “We’re everybody,” she said. Everyone seems to know someone like the characters on the show.
While on the topic of the show, which is in the middle of its latest season, Manzo was asked if there were any surprises on tap as the season moves forward.
“There’s lot of them,” said Manzo. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
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