Accident results in SUV landing on its roof

There were only minor injuries after a vehicle accident at the intersection of Middle Street and Mountain Road on Thursday that caused a 1995 Ford Explorer flipped and landed on its roof, a press release said.
Just after 11 a.m., police responded to the crash and determined 52-year-old Sally Griffin of Unionville was heading south on Middle Street when she passed through the intersection against a red light. At that time, 35-year-old Patros Hormoz of Terryville was operating a 2010 Ford pickup truck and was heading west on Pine Street straight through the intersection onto Mountain Road, on a green light, and collided with the Explorer. The Explorer flipped over and landed on its roof, and debris from the crash struck a third car that was taking a left onto Mountain Road.
Three injuries were reported but were determined minor, and Griffin and two of her passengers were transported to Bristol Hospital.
The Ford Explorer and pickup truck were heavily damaged and towed from the scene, and traffic was redirected from the area for about 90 minutes.
The investigation concluded that Griffin had failed to obey a red light and she was issued an infraction for the violation.