What is ‘Nuit Blanche?’ Bristol will find out Aug. 3


Get your white wardrobe cleaned and pressed. And get your car gassed up to get ready to roll at moment’s notice on Aug. 3.
The first ever Nuit Blanche in Bristol is ready to launch. And organizers say you don’t be the one to miss it.
The organizers, who asked the Observer to keep their identity a secret until the party gets rolling (although they promised that they are a well-known entity in the city), explained in an email, “Nuit Blanche/White Night Bristol is an event created to bring people together to celebrate art, culture, food, music and community — and hopefully have people dressed in white to have fun with the theme. Come in a wedding dress if you want. Wear white shorts and a tank top if that is your style. Just like the Kentucky Derby has a theme of wearing hats, this Nuit Blanche/White Night has a white theme.”
As for where the original idea for a “White Night” arose, the organizers explained, “Nuit Blanche events (are) held around the world and… they exist to celebrate all that is cultural.”
The organizers continued, “It started in Paris 30 years ago and has grown to other cities like Montreal, Rome, Barcelona, New York City and Boston just to name a few…. A Nuit Blanche typically has museums and art galleries open free of charge, art installations, music, performances and is often a themed social gathering for a city. Bristol’s Nuit Blanche will be a micro version.”
Asked why they wished to bring this event to Bristol, organizers said, “(We) wanted to celebrate Bristol in a way that highlights its love of arts, culture, and music.”
Organizers said Bristol needs an event like Nuit Blanche because it “is a changing city that is on the cusp of a transformation.  Bristol is going through a renovation of its downtown, has two nationally recognized museums, a regional amusement park and several world renowned corporations, Barnes and ESPN to name a few. Bristol is moving in a forward direction and the event was created to highlight that.
The hope for the event, said organizers, “is that this event brings the community together and builds on this event to sponsor it next year, making it even bigger. We have no idea how many people will show up, but I guarantee if you don’t come, you will wish you had.”
As for how Nuit Blanche will work, organizers said, once the location is revealed people will go there.
To find out what that location is, organizers said, “People can follow on Facebook and Twitter (White Night Bristol) for clues… given out over the next several weeks leading up to the event. If you go onto the Facebook page and ‘Like’ the event, you will get updates and clues posted on your newsfeed.”
Additionally, organizers said the location will be revealed to the Bristol Observer before the event. (Look to the July 26 issue and www.BristolObserver.com.)
Participants are expected to bring food and beverages, as well as their own seats. There will be a tent with a limited number of tables and seats. Organizers said, “We encourage groups of friends to come and make an evening of it.”
If you don’t have any white clothes for the event, organizers said don’t fret. “Come no matter what,” they said, “but I am sure everyone has at least a shirt that is white to join in the fun.”
As a final pitch, organizers said, “People should come so we can build on the momentum that Bristol is going through right now. We want people to come to our city and say, ‘Wow, this is cool town, with cool people, doing cool things.’”
Bristol’s Nuit Blanche is Saturday, Aug. 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, and BristolObserver.com for the location. Admission is free.