City announces road milling work to begin Monday

The City of Bristol will begin major roadway maintenance operations on Monday, Aug. 5. Work will consist of milling and resurfacing of selected streets and is currently anticipated to proceed in the following order:

• Buckboard Lane
• Oxbow Drive
• Oak Hill Drive

• Barber Street
• Linwood Street
• Hawthorne Street
• Jeanette Street

• Circle Street

• Daley Street

• Greystone Avenue

• Peck Lane

• Hill Street (Route 6 to Matthews Street)

• High Street (Main Street to Queen Street)

Milling operations will take approximately one week, and resurfacing will follow at a date to be determined. The schedule and order of operations is subject to change due to weather or other contingencies.
Residents are advised that the portion of driveways located within the city roadway right of way may be disturbed and reconstructed as part of the project. Once construction is complete, the city will restore affected areas and driveway aprons.
There may be minor traffic delays during construction, but roads will remain open for mail delivery, emergency vehicles, and local traffic at all times. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted as needed during construction.
If you should have questions or concerns about this project, contact Public Works at (860) 584-6297.