The future of fashion

The Academy of Arts University runway shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York are always about the students exploring where they think the art of fashion should go. At the Sept. 6 show, the students showed where men’s and women’s fashions are headed if they have anything to say about it. Above, some of the selections on the runway at the AAU show in New York.  AAU_7031AAU_7039 AAU_7074 AAU_7087 AAU_7099 AAU_7133 AAU_7178 AAU_7199 AAU_7227 AAU_7299 AAU_7361 AAU_7398 AAU_7429 AAU_7436 AAU_7461 AAU_7474 AAU_7483 AAU_7543 MIN_6369 AAU_6435 AAU_6479 AAU_6525 AAU_6540 AAU_6615 AAU_6620 AAU_6661 AAU_6666 AAU_6671 AAU_6916 AAU_6946 MIN_6364