CT Fashion Week returns this week

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Connecticut Fashion Week is back for its sophomore effort.

The events get kicking on Wednesday, Sept. 25 with a fashion accessories and intimate apparel fashion show at Captiva Salon in Wallingford.

But, the actual kick off was held Saturday at Paul Mitchell in North Haven (Paul Mitchell is a participating sponsor) when organizers held a press conference and presented some of the models who will be walking on the catwalk.

Organizer of the event, Corrine Thomas, said the events will feature aspiring designers, trunk shows, and a children’s fashion show, wrapping up a day of events on Oct. 5, including designers Jacqueline Vargas, Lisa Watson, Theresa Morant, and Whitni Plenitude (the schedule may change as the week progresses). In addition, there will be guest designer Layana Aguilar, a “Project Runway” designer from the reality show’s Season 11, on Saturday, Sept. 28,

Thomas said the event not only will feature the state’s fashion sense, but, with luck, will become an economic engine that brings jobs to the state as designers grow their businesses. She also hoped, like other fashion weeks across the globe, Connecticut’s event will help boost culture and tourism in the state.

“I’m excited about this event,” said Thomas.

Thomas also said the event will provide outreach to assorted non-profit organizations. Food for Africa and AfricanIdea.com were cited as among those to be supported.

Thomas said her goal for Connecticut Fashion Week is to foster “the most creative, most stimulating, and most worthwhile fashion event in Connecticut.”

For more information, and an up-to-date schedule of events, go to CTFashionWeek.org