Dems’ Wilson advocates recruiting more minorities, women onto city panels

Democratic mayoral candidate and Bristol Board of Education Chairman Chris Wilson, in a press release from his campaign, said he believes the next Bristol mayor should make a concerted effort to recruit and appoint more women and minorities to Bristol’s committees, boards and task forces.
The release from his campaign said Bristol’s population currently has roughly 51% women and 12% minorities but the boards, committees and mayor appointed task forces are disproportionately made up of non-minority, male Bristol residents.
“Don’t get me wrong, we’re grateful for any and all the help we can get. I’m simply suggesting we reach out to women and to the minority populations inside Bristol and do our best to get more of our community involved,” Wilson said the release reported. “When elected mayor, at the top of my to-do list will be to appoint someone to spearhead this effort.” Wilson said in the release.
Of Bristol’s nearly 40 local committees, task forces and boards, “only one, the Board of Education, comes close to reflecting the overall population of the city of Bristol,” according to Wilson’s press release. Wilson serves as chairman of the Board of Education.
“I’m very proud that Bristol’s children are served by a diverse group of caring residents and as chairman of the Board of Education, I’ve had the great pleasure of working hand-in-hand with parents and concerned citizens from every corner of Bristol. I firmly believe our diversity is one of the top reasons why our Board of Education is so strong,” Wilson said in campaign news release.
The release reported Wilson “firmly believes that by harnessing the life experiences, the cultural diversity and wide range of perspectives within Bristol’s diverse population and getting women and minorities more involved in city government, he can help build a stronger future for Bristol families.”
“Recruiting more women and more minorities to our boards, committees and task forces will be a priority of the Wilson Administration.” Wilson said in the release.