Unionville man with weapon arrested in Bristol

A Unionville man was arrested Tuesday evening after a complaint was made at 24 Atkins Ave., Bristol that reported a male with a firearm who was attempting enter the home while threatening with his weapon.
Michal Wojteczko, 22, of 14 Colony Rd., Unionville was arrested and charged with criminal use of a firearm, second degree breach of peace, first degree criminal attempt of burglary, sixth degree criminal attempt of larceny, third degree criminal mischief, first degree threatening, and criminal attempt to obtain narcotics.
A press release said police determined, after investigation, that Wojteczko tried to illegal purchase a drug called “Suboxone” by giving $80 to a female for the drug. After about 30 minutes, Wojteczko attempted to get into the home by breaking glass window panes with a BB-Gun, the release said. Wojteczko also used the weapon in a threatening manner by pointing it at individuals, the release said, adding that the female said she did not know Wojteczko.
Wojteczko was held on a $50,000 surety bond pending his arraignment at the Bristol Superior Court today.