Children’s advocate group to present art show at Barley Vine


Covenant to Care for Children (CCC) is an organization whose mission is to channel the generosity of caring people to advocate for, and provide direct assistance to Connecticut’s children who are neglected, abused and/or impoverished.

CCC will be working with Barley Vine to create awareness in the community and raise funds for the organization by hosting the Discovered Spirit Project Traveling Art Show on Thursday, Oct. 24 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Barley Vine, 182 Main St., Bristol, CT.

The Discovered Spirit Project is for youth with any experience in Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families, the Foster Care system or the CCC Mentoring Program. The intent of this project is to give children a voice by encouraging self-expression through art.

“Words alone are not enough to express what children feel. This is especially true when they are faced with the complex issues of divorce, grief, violence, abuse, neglect or coping with poverty or health issues”, said Jennifer Cody, Marketing Director at CCC, in a press release.

CCC is giving a voice to these children to express a wide range of emotions and help them work through conflicts and traumas by having the children create masks. Sarah Mobley, curator at CCC stated in a news release, “We expect to see an array of outcomes with our masks from the whimsical to the evocative. While expressing themselves in this visual way, the children gain a sense of empowerment that can help them develop a positive self-image and improve their self-esteem.”

The creation of the masks began late January, early February 2013, three sessions were held for children ages 9 to 16 to create up to three masks with the help of at least one professional artist facilitating the creative sessions. CCC provided all masks and materials. The theme presented to the children was “Past, Present, and Future.” The children wrote a brief description of each mask, including the feelings and thoughts behind their visual creation.

The Traveling Art Gallery Show of all of the masks produced will be part of a 12-month traveling display that will visit communities though out Connecticut. Individual artists are informed when one or more of their masks will be displayed in their hometown. CCC has seen tremendous response to the project.

“Barley Vine supports the arts in the Bristol and Central Connecticut community having hosted local artists this summer in collaboration with Bare Bones. We have also hosted various fundraising events like the recent Pints for Paws with Animal Rescue Foundation. The ‘Discovered Spirit Project’ provides additional opportunity for Barley Vine to assist an amazing organization Covenant to Care for Children while strenghting our commitment to community”, said Terry Lugo, co-owner of Barley Vine with her husband Victor Lugo, in a press release.

The masks will be displayed on the walls of Barley Vine and are for sale during the event. The event will feature drink and food specials and there will be raffles of gift baskets. Members of CCC will be present to provide information regarding the masks and the organization’s vision to create a future where Connecticut’s children have caring families and safe places to live.