Registrars say voter turn-out ‘larger-than-anticipated’

The Registrars of Voters announced a larger-than-anticipated turnout for today’s election. Participation plummeted in 2009 at 8,767 voters and bounced back only slightly in 2011 with 9,347 voters voting for mayor and city council. 

“With 60% of the voting day behind us, more than 19% of registered voters have already gone to the polls. Voter turnout could reach 40% for today’s municipal election. To accommodate the anticipated above-average turnout, the Registrars of Voters will be delivering additional ballots to several polling places,” said the registrars in a press release.

“The downward trend in voter turnout over the past two mayoral elections is being reversed today. With today’s current trend, voter participation could reach 12,000,” the release said.