Custo Barcelona offers ‘eye candy’

Custo Barcelona presented its Spring/Summer 2014 collection, 3C: Chic, Contemporary, Colour, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. The collection was definitely epitome of colorful eye candy.  Press materials said, ‘The international designer showcased delicate pieces juxtaposed through a play in subtle transparencies, woven patterns and tribal prints…. Custo Barcelona focused on the sophistication of a feminine collection featuring soft exteriors over strong, bold pieces with high waistlines. Déshabillé dresses get paired with oversized, woven coats with a myriad of patchwork, and cocoon pants that present perfectly alongside tiny shorts and miniskirts. Prints created and customized specifically by Custo Barcelona range from silk and chiffon to printed leather.’ The brand also said: ‘The collection color scheme surprisingly ranges from white to black yet include the signature Custo trademark of color in every look. From tribal prints with metallic lurex to laser cut dresses ranging from hues of pink to blue.’ PHOTOS by MIKE CHAIKENCUS_1284 CUS_0365 CUS_0383 CUS_0397 CUS_0407 CUS_0490 CUS_0500 CUS_1051 CUS_1092 CUS_1104 CUS_1117 CUS_1131 CUS_1148 CUS_1158 CUS_1174 CUS_1200 CUS_1221 CUS_1247 CUS_1261 CUS_1271