Battle’s end also means finale for football, cheer seniors

BRISTOL – The annual Thanksgiving Day game between the Bristol Central and Eastern squads also holds extra special meaning for the seniors on both squads.
It was a long four years for those seniors to get to this point and the 2013 game went off without a hitch.
And the game was certainly an entertaining, back and forth affair.
Whether it was the players from the Rams or Lancers or the cheerleaders from both squads, the afternoon certainly belonged to those seniors.
Here’s a list of all the seniors from both squads that participated in their final Thanksgiving Day football game which was won by Eastern by a 21-18 final and led to the team’s seventh straight win on T-Day:

Bristol Central: Football   Cheerleaders
No. 22  Tyler Burrow Megan Randall
No. 5  Keon Walton Shannon Miller
No. 87  Taylor Whitten  Rachel Cunningham
No. 7  Taylor DeForge
No. 9  Josh Ganavage
No. 14  Jarrett Michaels
No. 19  Nathan Hamm
No. 20  Barry McPhail
No. 40  Kolbe DiNeno
No. 48  Christian Hildebrand
No. 55  Austin Rollins
No. 62  Bob Jacques
No. 75  Cody McQuarrie
No. 77  Jon Hvozdovic
  Zack Madore

Bristol Eastern: Football  Cheerleaders
No. 83  Captain – Ken Smith Captain – Emily Berube
No. 1  Captain – Sean Aiudi Captain – Hailee Gunn
No. 52  Kyle Baker Captain – Liz Carbonell
No. 36  Scott Drouin Chante Davis
No. 57  James Pavelchack Erica Bolduc
No. 81  Shawn McConnon Kendalyn Frawley
No. 11  Michael Belton Alyssa Mancuso
No. 56  Jake Pelletier Brianna Worthen
No. 63  Brandon Lumbra Tamara Vermette
No. 66  Shayne Harris
No. 67  Tyler Dionne
No. 27  Roderick Green
No. 28  Rafi Hamzy
No. 84  Dean Pierce
No. 90  Joey Simpson
No. 39  Dimmery Thurston
No. 71  Kyle Porter