Dec. 13 fire log

The Bristol Fire Department reported the following incidents:
Nov. 29
70 Missal Ave., fuel burner/boiler malfunction, fire confined
49 Nicholas Dr., cooking fire, confined to container
74 Bianca Rd., water problem, other
91 Daisy Circle., water or steam leak
243 Indian Trail., unintentional transmission of alarm, other

Nov. 30
13 Anthony Dr., alarm system activation, no fire – unintentional
Peacedale Street, vehicle accident, general cleanup
120 Rosewood Dr., building fire

Dec. 1
475 Broad St., gas leak
Jefferson Avenue and Coolidge Avenue, unauthorized burning
22 Jefferson Ave., unauthorized burning
Barnes Highway and Lincoln Avenue, vehicle accident, general cleanup
47 Stearns St., lock out
266 Garden St., smoke or odor removal

Dec. 2
Revere Drive and Mix Street, oil or other combustible liquid spill
22 Pine St., alarm system sounded due to malfunction
1400 Farmington Ave., vehicle accident, general cleanup

Dec. 3
34 Collins Rd., good intent call, other
104 Stafford Ave., vehicle accident, general cleanup
28 Hill St., vehicle accident, general cleanup
27 Matilda Dr., hazardous condition, other
103 Burlington Ave., dispatched and cancelled en route
104 Stafford Ave., building fire

Dec. 4
85 Main St., false alarm or false call, other
177 Farmington Ave., trash or rubbish fire, contained
52 Sheila Court., water evacuation
24 Lincoln Ave., unauthorized burning
17 Crown St., lock out
102 Hoover Ave., good intent call, other

Dec. 5
25 Primrose Lane., CO detector activation due to malfunction
84 Farmington Ave., lock out
30 Carriage Rd., lock out

Dec. 6
470 Brewster Rd., CO detector activation due to malfunction
332 Queen St.