Parenting program offered to prevent risky behavior by teens

The Parent and Child Center at Bristol Hospital was recently awarded a grant from the Local Prevention Council to fund a two-part parenting series that will delve into the choices teens face daily, including important prevention issues, such as suicide, drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. Discussions also will include information about the internet and social networking sites and applications your child may use, details about how kids are using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, and how to help your child use them wisely. Week 2 will provide a more in-depth discussion of these prevention issues, including important developmental milestones, peer pressure, teen sexuality, suicide prevention, and self-esteem.
The program will allow time for parents to bring up real issues in their own families, so that participants can brainstorm solutions for dealing with the tough issues faced by their teens.
Class will be held on Mondays, Jan. 13 and Jan. 20 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Parent and Child Center, 9 Prospect St., Bristol. The classes are offered free to families residing in Bristol or Farmington thanks to the Local Prevention Council grant and a donation from the Farmington Exchange Club. For all others, the series is $25 per parent or $35 per couple.
Pre-registration is required.
To register, call the Parent and Child Center at (860) 585-3895 or e-mail