Mayor responds to complaints about plow effort

On the mayor’s Facebook page this afternoon, the following was posted:
Many have asked why the City is not plowing the roads….this is why.

“As Storm Bethany approaches, our crews are working the streets. Some concerns have been raised about roads being slushy and not plowed. In speaking with our Public Works street crew, they have informed me that there is a reason for delaying plowing operations at this time.
“With the temperature in the low 20’s and dropping, our crews are applying treated salt with liquid magnesium chloride as an enhancer to keep ice pack from forming on the roadways. Using treated salt alone is not as effective when applied without liquid Magnesium Chloride while deicing the streets at these frigid temperatures. Currently, if crews plow the slushy snow, it will create a glazed surface, which will make the roads very slick, and difficult to navigate. Road treatments are more productive and cost effective with minimal plowing under the current weather forecast. The enhanced treatments keep the snow slushy, allowing traffic to flow without over- applying additional treated salt and liquid magnesium chloride. The deicing materials need time to work and it does not provide bare roads instantly! This approach makes road conditions passable as the storm system passes through with changing weather conditions. As this storm drops additional snow and begins to accumulate on the streets, our crews will start the plowing portion of the operation. Please be patient and use due care during this severe weather event.”