Covanta withdraws proposed plan for recycling facility

Mayor Ken Cockayne announced that Covanta Energy has officially withdrew its offer to work with Bristol in constructing a regional recycling facility.
“Unfortunately, like many business deals, we were unable to reach mutually beneficial terms,” Cockayne said in a release Friday afternoon.
Covanta and the city have been in discussions for several months regarding the possibility of constructing a regional recycling facility right here in Bristol, but the proposal did not seem to have enough support from decision makers. Several City Councilors raised questions regarding quality of life for residents in the area and also the financial and other responsibilities Bristol would be taking on in the deal
Under the 10-year proposed agreement, Covanta would make a $500,000 contribution to the estimated $1 million project. Covanta would also pay the city $2.45 per ton of recyclables that is processed there, which they said would escalate over the 10 years to $2.93. This processing fee to the city, they said, was expected to bring in over $50,000 per year.
Currently the city delivers its recyclables to a facility in Berlin, and if the new agreement had been approved, Public Works Director Walter Veselka said it would take one truck off the road and would save the city about $160,000 per year just by eliminating that trip to Berlin.
Covanta representatives said they were expecting an additional 11 to 12 trucks per day that would visit the recycling center during operational hours and enter through Lake Avenue.
Currently, Covanta has a partnership with Bristol and 13 other communities who would also use the proposed recycling drop off center. Covanta currently runs the trash burning plant in Bristol. Before any official decisions had been made, the city said it would build its own recycling drop off station if an agreement could not be reached.