Water dept. issues warning about pipes freezing

The water department issued this message about pipes freezing in the wake of the plummeting temperatures this weekend:
The Bristol Water Department has already begun receiving calls from customers with no water due to frozen pipes. We recommend during this cold snap that you increase the temperature in your home slightly and secure any drafty locations to help prevent any your pipes from freezing.

The Bristol Water Department can only perform work at the water meter. Usually the frozen pipe is somewhere else in your home and most times requires a plumber to thaw the pipes.

We have found some information on the web that may assist you in preventing pipes from freezing. The link below also provides information on ways to thaw your pipes if they do freeze.

If you do need to hire a plumber, please make sure the plumber is aware that ONLY a water department employee can remove the seal around the water meter or the meter it self.

For more information visit the Bristol Water Department
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