Rep. Betts encourages district to use new state web page

State Rep. Whit Betts (R-76), in a press release, is encouraging interested Bristol, Plymouth, and Terryville residents to view a new state web page that streamlines resources to help families with insurance coverage and reimbursement for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.
The Connecticut Insurance Department’s “Mental Health Parity” Web page is a compilation of free resources, publications and tools that consumers can easily access through the Connecticut Insurance Department’s Website.
As a member of the Sandy Hook Mental Health Taskforce, the release said State Rep. Whit Betts was instrumental in helping craft this new law.
“Equally important to providing quality mental health programs is the ability of residents to have access to these resources and support systems. It is my hope that Connecticut families will find this new website to be a user-friendly system that they can navigate with ease as they seek out programs and services for themselves and their loved ones,” said Betts in the release.
Betts represents the towns of Bristol, Plymouth, Terryville in the General Assembly.