Reliability key for Bristol Hospital, says its president at annual meeting

After an. “outstanding year” with new services and advancement in medicine, Bristol Hospital’s president Kurt Barwis said the organization plans to continue its focus on high reliability.
“We are joining the 28 other hospitals in the state in becoming more reliable,” Barwis said at the hospital’s annual meeting last Thursday evening. “There is a lot to be done, and if the airlines can do it we can do it too.”
In 2013, Bristol Hospital reported an increase in its profit from its previous year of a little over $300,000, totaling about $1.34 million, which is a large jump from where it was in 2011 with a profit of $147,269.
The hospital saw a slight gain in revenues with $135,959,785, and also saw a slight gain in its total expenses at $134,613,099.
The hospital saw a slight drop in its emergency room visits at 38,530 for the year, as well as a drop in its surgical and endoscopy procedures, outpatient visits and births. It did see in increase in medical and surgical admissions at 5,319, which also increased its medical and surgical inpatient days to 22,491. Bristol Hospital Multi-Specialty Group, Inc. saw an increase in its total physician office visits at 91,096, and Ingraham Manor saw an increase in its admissions at 340.
Hospital officials did not speak too much about the potential partnership between the organization and for-profit hospital group Tenet Healthcare. However, CEO of the Northeast Region for Tenet Erik Wexler said both parties are still working through the process and are hopeful it comes through.
“We believe we will do some good here,” Wexler said, adding that while the company is concerned about the governor’s veto of recent legislation allowing a partnership like this, he said the groups will continue to fight. “We are very focused on creating the best possible experience at Bristol Hospital.”
The hospital is focusing on new practices that revolve around “quality, literacy and training,” said the Bristol Hospital Board of Directors chair Marie O’Brien, who added that the profile the hospital has around the state is that “Bristol Hospital is energetic.”
Going forward the hospital is implementing new practices like SBAR, which is a form of planning and communicating among staff to make sure they deliver the best possible care to the patients. SBAR stands for – Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendations so that hospital staff can provide medical history, diagnosis, current findings and needs and what comes next so everyone is on the same page.
“We are here to take care of the community, to improve the health of the community,” Barwis said, adding high reliability is important to the hospital and its staff and will continue to provide the tools necessary to make sure the staff is able to deliver the best care they can.
In the last year,. the hospital has opened its new Beekley Center for Breast Health and Wellness, its Center for Geriatric Care, and its Center for Orthopedic and Spine Health, where since September 70 procedures including 50 major joint replacements have taken place.
Looking into the future, Barwis said the hospital is focused on finalizing the Tenet acquisition, increasing development of its network with Yale New Haven Health System, continuing safety and quality for patients, constructing a new wound care center, completing the Bernie Guida Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, continuing to focus on recruiting physicians to support succession, and more.
In 2013, Consumer Reports magazine ranked Bristol Hospital to be the third safest hospital in the state. Barwis said that rank can improve, however it is something to be proud of.