Rep. Wright announces online survey on issues

State Rep Christopher Wright (D-Bristol) is inviting constituents in Bristol’s 77th Assembly District to participate in a survey questionnaire that has been mailed to his district or to participate on an online survey on his legislative webpage at htt://, he announced in a press release.

The release said Wright is seeking the opinion of constituents on issues that may be considered during the current session of the General Assembly that convened on Feb. 5.

“I have had excellent responses from constituents who have participated in previous surveys and who are willing to share their ideas with me,” Wright said, according to his release. “I take seriously the opinions and concerns of my constituents and look forward to hearing from them once again on issues of interest to them and their families.”

The release said questions in Wright’s current survey, among others, include How Should The Proposed Budget Surplus Be Handled?, Should State Law Be Changed To Allow Hospitals Be Purchased By For Profit Corporations?, and  issues concerned with investing in businesses if they expand and hire workers, eliminating the motor vehicle property tax and the proposed expansion of video slots in Connecticut.

Wright is vice chairman of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee and serves on the Housing and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committees.