Klett family offers additional thank yous

To the editor:

With all that’s been happening around us this last month, we are not surprised, but definitely upset that we forgot to mention in our thank you the most important part of a young man’s day… the food.

A very close family friend Nick and Karen Vita, who have been in the food industry for several years, came to our aid when we realized we would need a rather large facility to accommodate the many we were expecting after the funeral of our son Joseph Klett.

Nuchie’s Restaurant was the name they gave us, and off we went to meet with the owners Dave, Mike, and Barbara. To our wonderful surprise not only could they accommodate the amount of people expected but they could also do a beautiful buffet lunch enough to feed everyone.

A great job was done by all at Nuchie’s. The wait staff was very attentive to every need. They were polite and personal to a crowd that was obviously distressed. How nice it was to see so many smiling faces.

The food was delicious and enjoyed by all, and certainly plenty of it. Plates were always full and this eased our wary hearts knowing our loved ones were being taken care of Nuchie’s is clearly an upstanding and professional establishment.

Dave, your kindness and generous understanding of the situation was more than customer/client. It felt more like a family planned get together. Your kindness showed in the atmosphere and throughout the beautiful dining area.

Thank you again and please accept our apologies for unknowingly omitting you from our first letter of thank-yous

We couldn’t have done this with such style and grace without your help.

With the utmost love and respect.

Catherine Klett

The families of Joseph B. Klett