Reaching for that Shanghai drama

ZAN_0072 ZAN_0091 ZAN_0109 ZAN_0129 ZAN_0147 ZAN_0162 ZAN_0176 ZAN_0198 ZAN_0217 ZAN_0237 ZAN_0250 ZAN_0278 ZAN_0295 ZAN_0314 ZAN_0333 ZAN_0352 ZAN_0366 ZAN_0384 ZAN_0401 ZAN_0424 ZAN_0441 ZAN_0451 ZAN_0480 ZAN_0497 ZAN_0518 ZAN_0537 ZAN_0539 ZAN_0554 ZAN_0573 ZAN_0607 ZAN_0621 ZAN_0660 ZAN_0677 ZAN_0702 ZAN_0720 ZAN_0726 ZAN_0809For his fall/ winter 2014 collection, designer Zang Toi said on his Facebook page that he drew from the Shanghai of the 1930s for the inspiration for the garments that walked down the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York on Feb. 12. There was definitely a look of film noir to his collection, down to the femme fatale-appropriate hair and makeup on the models. But rather than a monochrome palatte, he also offered up a good deal of kelly green to add pop to the clothes. It was a beautiful collection full of moods, sometimes romantic, sometimes mysterious, but always beautiful.