Fashion on the rise from Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C.– Charleston, S.C. showed the world some creative and artistic fashion these past few days as Charleston Fashion Week has taken hold of Marion Square in its historic downtown.

The runway shows offer up a headline designer each night. For instance, on Friday night, Brandon Sun took a detour from New York to the south. And Timo Weiland, who also is a regular in New York, was offering up the glitterati of the south a look at his style.

But, one of the key components of Charleston Fashion Week– which demonstrates the city as a creative and artistic hub in the South– is the Emerging Designer competition. Each night of the Charleston event, a handful of young designers, looking to make a break, offer up a mini-collection for audiences– and more important judges. It’s a kind of Southern-based “Project Runway.” Each night, audiences pick a People’s Choice Award. And judges pick one designer to reach the finals, which is set for tonight, Saturday.

Here are some of the looks offered on Thursday and Friday nights in the competition. Designers definitely didn’t hold back and just offer copies of what most chain retailers might carry. The designers showed a sense of vision and a story to their mini-collections.CHA_0005 CHA_1769 CHA_1928 CHA_2015 CHA_2244 CHA_9484 CHA_9604 CHA_9793 CHA_9861