Juvenile charged with stealing a vehicle, car keys from CT Moped Center

Police arrested a 16-year-old male Tuesday night who was found with several car keys in his pocket belonging to vehicles for sale at CT Moped Center at 50 Terryville Ave. The suspect’s name was not released because he is a minor, however he is being charged with third degree burglary, second degree larceny, third degree criminal mischief, conspiracy of all those three charges, and interfering with a police officer.
The original complaint, a press release said, was that a light-colored Mercedes was being driven “erratically” on Terryville Avenue with no lights. Police found the Mercedes at the International Gift Shop on Terryville Avenue having been abandoned. The release said police were able to get a description of the operator and located him on Pound Street, where they discovered the key sets in his pocket. The release also said they determined there was forced entry at CT Moped Center.
The suspect was referred to Juvenile Court in Hartford.