Pink’s opens Saturday; dachsunds to race, dogs to show their style

May 13, 2014

Brando V1 007

Pink's Hot Dogs is ready for its opening day this Saturday, May 17.

Pink’s Hot Dogs is ready for its opening day this Saturday, May 17.

Pink's Hot Dogs is ready for its opening day this Saturday, May 17.

Pink’s Hot Dogs is ready for its opening day this Saturday, May 17.

On Saturday, May 17, Pink’s Hot Dogs will celebrate the Grand Opening of the first East Coast location at LakeCompounce in Bristol, Conn. The celebration will commence with a Wiener Dog 100 Race, Dachshund Fashion Show, and a Hot Dog Bobbing contest.

In conjunction with the Connecticut Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services

(CTDRPS) organization, the Wiener Dog 100 Race will feature 50 Dachshunds competing in heats of five, racing for the ultimate distinction of ‘Fastest Hot Dog’. The top three winners will be donned with first, second and third place metals on a three-tiered podium and each will receive a basket of dog treats courtesy of the LakeCompounce.

The race will be followed by a Dachshund Fashion Show and a Hot Dog Bobbing contest, where the dachshunds will be the ones bobbing.

Donations will be accepted at all registers to benefit the CTDRPS and help them as they work to ‘rehome’ loving and adorable dachshunds who have been displaced.

Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services founder Anne Jordan said in a press release, “We are tickled pink to be invited to conduct our dachshund races at LakeCompounce to commemorate Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs. We are thrilled with the number of racers attending and the wide variety of Dachshunds you’ll get to see. It’s going to be fun for everyone.”

Pink’s Hot Dogs, a Hollywood legend since 1939 is a family owned business and was named by Fox News as number one in a list of Top Ten Hot Dog Stands in the U.S. The famous hot dogs attract celebrities such as, Jay Leno, Martha Stewart; and Food Network superstars, Giada de Laurentiis, and Guy Fieri.

“Their long standing history, family oriented culture, and guest service makes them a perfect fit for LakeCompounce”, said Lake Compounce General Manager, Jerry Brick in a press release. “The story of how they started is really neat, and now it’s probably one of the most famous hot dog stands in the country.”

“Bringing Pink’s to Connecticut is like having a little bit of Hollywood on the East Coast” said family member and co-owner, Richard Pink. “We love that our hot dogs have been made famous in TV and movies and are the favorites of countless movie stars who visit our Hollywood location. We’re excited to bring that fun and delicious experience to LakeCompounce for their guests to enjoy.”

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