Crowd funding event set to benefit space for creating video games

A crowd fund event is being held to make Oddees Game House a reality… and make it a reality on Main Street..

Jonathan Smith, the driving force behind “Oddees Game House” explained, “The dream for Oddees Game House is to have the opportunity to engage with the community and its fellow gamers, providing a place where Oddees Game House members can share (with others) the games they are creating during the development process… to ensure the games they create can be enjoyed while giving gamers who wish to be given the chance to learn and be able to create games.

In a press release, Smith said he is looking to secure space for game store and creation shop studio. “At the same time the equipment and inventory to start the game store has presented itself as well, but the time is limited to acquire this opportunity.”

The crowd fund event will run from May 16 to 31 on Additionally, on Sunday, May 18 from 12 to 4 p.m., Smith said in the release, he have a table set up to Oddees Game House vouchers to raise the funds for the necessary property, equipment, and inventory.

Smith said the goal is for Oddees Game House to operate for a minimum of three years to see the development of games come to fruition. Smith, in the release said, he is hoping to raise  $ 189,220 to cover the cost of the lease and utilities for the next three years. The initial goal of this coming crowd fund event is to raise $ 37,900.

As part of the crowd fund event, Smith said, there will be four types of vouchers offered in return: Oddees Game House Pack White, $25; Oddees Game House Pack Grey, $50; Oddees Game House Pack Red, $75; and Oddees Game House Pack Black, $ 100. The Game House Pack comes with the Oddees Game House rewards membership and a gift card from $25 to $100 depending on which pack the supporter decides upon. For supporters on Sunday, if they come down to the table Oddees Game House at the time will be able to take cash, check or game trade ins towards the Vouchers.

“The biggest thing I would like everyone to understand is Oddees Game House is neither a game store nor some indie game studio,” said Smith in the release. “In the end, its main function is to give the opportunity to others the chance to make games for people to enjoy. And I am so hoping to see such a dream become a reality and making other dream become a reality as well.”

For more information, call (860) 261-5511 or email