Forestville does Memorial Day its way

PAG_6812 PAG_6825 PAG_6828 PAG_6867 PAG_6876 PAG_6905 PAG_6911 PAG_6952 PAG_6964 PAG_6976 PAG_7031 PAG_7058 PAG_7063 PAG_7073 PAG_7116 PAG_7125 PAG_7138 PAG_7153 PAG_7167 PAG_7197 PAG_7239 PAG_7260 PAG_7274 PAG_7297 PAG_7323 PAG_7329 PAG_7340 PAG_7343 PAG_7353 PAG_7358 PAG_7366 PAG_7390 PAG_7414 PAG_7421 PAG_7444 PAG_7484 PAG_7512 PAG_7517 PAG_7521 PAG_7533 PAG_7544 PAG_7570 PAG_7585With its preponderance of scouts– Boy, Girls, Cubs, Brownies, Daisies– and the overwhelming turn out players and parents from the Forestville Little League– the Forestville Village Association’s annual Memorial Day parade through the village is much more lighthearted than the parade held downtown in the morning.

The remembrance of the war dead is not forgotten. Before the festivities begin, an honor guard and Boy Scouts salute the many names on the honor roll of Forestville residents who gave their lives so that America can be free. A volley of rifle fire is followed by a somber rendition of “Taps.”

But then the smiles begin.

And in a way, the lightheartedness of the parade– which is also accented by clowns, pirates, cheerleaders, dancers, and numerous pageant title holders– is a celebration of the fruit of the labors of the men and women who gave their lives for the nation.

Here are some of the images from Monday afternoon’s parade.



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